• In Belgium, the statutory standard warranty period for consumer electronics is 2 years (minimum).
• The statutory standard warranty period for professional electronics is just 1 year (minimum).
• Some manufacturers may provide an extension to these statutory minimum periods, sometimes as standard, sometimes after registration of the product on their website.
• For more information about this, visit our DEALER ZONE.
• There is a 3-month warranty on every repair.
• This warranty covers the repair work carried out and any replacement parts.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of sale of the different brands, the warranty will become invalid in the following instances:
• Products or parts with a limited lifespan or which can be considered as consumables, such as batteries.
• Defects caused by the user’s failure to follow the operating instructions in the user manual, technical and/or safety standards applicable in the country where the product is used.
• Defects caused by accidents, fire, negligence, improper use, wear and tear, incorrect installation, liquids or other foreign objects entering the product.
• Defects which occur during transport from and to the buyer.
• Defects caused by the use of parts or accessories of another brand.
• Defects caused by adaption, repair or disassembling of the product by anyone unauthorised to carry out such actions.


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